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    Narran Laser Australia provides a cleaning solution designed to provide the highest quality and efficiency to Automotive parts and Restoration. We offer several solutions to make processes move along more efficiently and cost-effectively. The latest technology can offer the best possible cleaning treatment for both pre-welding and post-welding. This ensures a seamless and robust joint that is rust-resistant and coated for life without the need to use harsh chemicals and create waste.

    Further, laser cleaning has been proven as the perfect option to not only prepare surfaces for bonding but to generate a corrosion-resistant coating for bonding.

    Clients are choosing solutions from Narran Laser Australia as the technology to use for corrosion resistance and bond prep all in one package.

    Our new water-cooled laser cleaners operate full-time in fully automated and integrated applications for weld preparation, contaminant oxide removal, injection mold cleaning, corrosion resistance, and bonding preparation.

    Narran Australia