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Narran Laser Cleaning machines can provide quick cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. The low-maintenance, easy process to remove rust, corrosion, stains, strip paint or coatings. Allow surface texturing if required, for example, adding roughness to increase adhesion.

Narran Australia Laser Cleaning machines can provide quick cleaning and surface preparation in virtually all industries. The low-maintenance, easy process to remove rust, corrosion, stains, strip paint or coatings. Allow surface texture if required, for example, to increase paint adhesion.

  • No abrasives were used, so no problems with contaminant separation or disposal.
  • No solvents are used, making it chemical-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Spatially selective – cleaning only required areas, saving time and costs
  • The non-contact process never degrades the quality of base substrate materials.
  • Automated processes can lower operating costs by reducing labour.

Narran Australia Cleaning Methods
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Laser Cleaning Steel Surface Preparation and Restoration?

Narran Laser Cleaning machines offer multiple advantages over traditional methods. It does not involve chemicals or abrasive media to be purchased and then requires disposal.
Narran Australia offers Pulse Precision Laser Cleaning methods which are very controllable compared with other less detailed, and more frequent manual.
Laser cleaning can be applied only to specific areas or parts that are hard to access the corrosion even lattice and gantry restoration. Production line automation is available to maximise productivity and provide the guaranteed repeatability demanded by an increasing number of quality standards.

Lasers for cleaning steel or EDM molds cover a wide array of applications, including dies, medical molds, baking molds, injection molds, and more. Our solutions also allow you to clean molds without needing to dismantle the setup and move to an additional area. In certain circumstances our cleaning systems can even get the job done at the mold’s operating temperatures, so there is no need for a cool-down period after cleaning has been completed — minimising downtime.

Sand Blast

SandBlast vs Laser

While the cleaning can be useful with sandblasting and adding media, the cost is approx. 60% or more in the purchase, collection, and disposal of the waste blast media, which often needs separating from the paint debris, leading to issues with EPA Legislation. Many applications of Sand Blasting are often stopped or even obsolete due to noise and environmental issues.

Our Narran Precision Lasers eliminate the blast media problem. They provide a more controlled process that does not accidentally damage a surface through excessive removal or heat—now used on thin and some composite materials that would be damaged by the particle impact. Our pulse precision laser cleaning is always consistent, independent of operator effects, and can scale to suit the project size by the selection of the laser power and parameters.

Laser Cleaning Methods
water cleaning

Water vs Laser

Dry ice or water cold blasting has similar characteristics to abrasive blasting but without the problems of coarse material recovery and disposal. However, lots of mess and time for cleanup add to labour costs. Considering our Laser can startup and shut down within minutes.

Our Narran Laser Cleaning machines with Ingress Protection help eliminate operator hearing damage, and operator PPE with Laser Extraction is used more efficiently to control environments. 

Laser before and after
chemical cleaning

Chemical vs Laser

Suitable for cleaning surface contamination from a whole part, chemical cleaning is hard to apply to a particular area. Disposing of harsh chemicals is an increasingly costly and challenging challenge due to environmental EPA regulations.

Our Narran Precision Lasers can be applied selectively. With no chemicals to degrade, quality is consistent, and there are no chemical solvent disposal issues. With no drying time, parts are available immediately.

Laser Cleaning solution
Thermal Heat

Thermal Heat vs Laser

Thermal cleaning produces excessive heat used for removing organic contaminants such as polymers and plastics, often damaging the materials and an extremely slow process.

Narran Australia Laser Cleaning machines are dramatically faster. It can remove a broader range of materials, including dissimilar metals and the temperature of the part remains lower, with less chance of cracking, loss of integrity or distortion. Our water-cooled and humidified Lasers can also sanitise and decontaminate biofilm or forensic

Laser Cleaning Methods