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Australian & New Zealand Laser Safety Training

Ed Virtus laser training providers

Achieve Educational Excellence

Narran Australia has partnered with Ed Virtus to provide our laser safety courses with appropriate levels of understanding of the principles of laser safety practice to meet the needs of Australian/International standards for laser safety officers, laser safety supervisors, and laser operators and maintainers. We recommend our clients to register to the next available course prior to delivery of your Laser Cleaning  Machine.

The AS/NZS IEC 60825.1 and the AS/NZS IEC 60825.14 define a Laser Safety Officer as one who is competent in the evaluation and control of laser hazards and has responsibility for oversight of the control of laser hazards. The Standards identify the need for persons competent in laser safety within an organisation and identify a skill set for a laser safety officer but flexibility relating to different competency levels within an organisation is retained.

  • 1-day course, (Level 2) Narran Australia’s customers supplied with a Class 4  Laser Cleaning Machine are required to implement laser safety programs devised by a laser safety officer who is competent to undertake a quantitative analysis of the laser hazards involved
  • Supervisor

Half-Day Operator Laser Safety | Level 3

Operator Laser Safety Awareness Course

    – Operator

Dr.Trevor Wheatley from EdVirtus has programmed an online laser operator safety awareness course that provides a non-mathematical introduction to lasers and laser hazards for those using Laser Cleaning Machines supplied by Narran Lasers in the workplace. It provides an introduction to laser safety practice, hazard control, and regulation of the use of lasers. This course is aimed at operators who work with or around hazardous lasers or are required to work in a laser construction or commercial zone. The course provides the following learning outcomes;

  • Awareness of the laser classification system and the implication of these classifications
  • Awareness of the hazards posed by lasers
  • Awareness of laser hazard controls and workplace safety
  • Awareness of laser safety hierarchy including laser safety officers and their roles
  • Awareness of legislation and laser safety Standards
  • A test is provided at the end of each section and students are encouraged to attempt the test questions (as many times as necessary).
  • A certificate of attainment test is provided for those wishing to receive a certificate indicating that they have completed this course to a satisfactory level.