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Laser Cleaning PAPR CleanAIR AerGO

CleanAIR® AerGO®

CleanAIR® AerGO® is a universal powered air purifying respirator designed for Laser Cleaning personal respiratory protection (PAPR) in dusty industrial environments including areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapors. The unit is supplied with a control system providing constant airflow and an advanced electronic system The ergonomic design, low weight and slim profile of the unit guarantee a high level of user comfort, even most environments Laser Areas of Application Restoration industrial environments include areas with contaminants in the form of gases and vapours. Laser Cleaning, surface preparation and restoration operations.

Laser Cleaning PAPR Protective Uni Shield

Protective Uni Sheild

UniMask Light universal face shield provides the highest comfort and safety. The highest level of breathing protection with enhanced inner airflow regulation and a visor with excellent optical and mechanical features make this universal light face shield a true leader of its class. Laser Areas of Application UniMask can be used for Laser Cleaning painting or contaminant removal operations in environments with low demands on chemical resistance, typically in outdoor /indoor light/medium industries and fabrication.

Light Hoods

Light Hoods

This short light hood is an optimal solution for Laser Respiratory Protection and face protection in dusty and light environments where no further mechanical protection is required. In combination with PAPR or airline systems CleanAIR®, reaches the highest level of respiratory protection. Laser Areas of Application The hood is suitable for Laser work in dusty environmental industries, even great in the Australian heat.

Respiratory Kits

Respiratory Kits

Narran Australia recommends CleanAIR® a system of personal respiratory protection based on the principle of overpressure of filtered air in the breathing zone. The respirator is placed on the wearer’s belt and filtrates the air which is taken in from the surrounding environment and then delivers it through a breathing tube into a protective mask or hood. The overpressure prevents the contaminants from entering the breathing zone. This mild overpressure at the same time ensures the wearer’s comfort…