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Narran ROD 1000 Powerful Industrial Lasers for Cleaning

    Narran Australia ROD 1000

    Narran Australia is at the cutting edge of laser technology, supplying cleaning lasers ranging from the compact ROD 100 to the industrially strong ROD 1000 Machine.

    The most exciting new product for 2020 is our new 1000W mobile cleaning laser ROD. The laser has a particular fiber resonator that allows cleaning without hurting the surface and handles a wide range of undesired compounds, including greases and greases, varnishes, adhesives, and paints, as well as rust and oxidation on various metals (and many others).

    The laser is currently our most powerful manual variant of the ROD cleaning laser (for robotic laser application, a laser with a power of up to 2000W can be built). The laser is suitable for use both in industry (integration into production lines, robotic application) and for manual cleaning due to an innovative scanning head and a long flexible optical fiber that guides the laser beam.

    Talk to us to find out the optimum solution to suit your applications from indoor corrosive fittings to outdoor industrial pipelines and machinery.

    Narran Australia