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Laser Restoration Lead Based Paint Removal from Heritage Buildings

    Heritage Buildings within Australia almost invariably exist of coatings that contain lead paint or asbestos. Such coatings can make maintaining and de-painting equipment dangerous and costly using traditional paint stripping methods. Operators must wear multiple types of PPE and the work area must be enclosed and sealed off to contain hazardous dust and debris — which are time-consuming to clean up and costly to dispose of. Unlike dangerous and poisonous chemicals and messy water blasting stripping options, laser ablation can be used for the removal of contaminants containing hazardous materials with minimal PPE and without the need for total containment. The process captures the coating material as it’s removed so there are virtually no clean-up and no mixed waste.

    The new technology to use laser ablation as a more effective and quicker alternative to the very slow, de-painting process of using chemical stripers and/or other cumbersome mechanical means, can be a highly desirable methodology.

    Our Narran Australia Lasers can prove to be many times faster and more effective than what would otherwise be possible using traditional paint stripping options. By using only focused light and no damage to substrates, laser de-painting can eliminate hazardous secondary waste while providing a residue-free, post-treatment surface ideal for restoration and pre-adhesion.





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