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Australian & New Zealand Climatised Water Cooled Laser Cleaners

    So what is Air-cooled Laser and Water-cooled Laser Cleaning?  Cooling the laser machine is important in the operation of the equipment.

    The Laser beam comes from a hand-held cleaning head, it comprises a triggered housing for containing the optic components in a shell or gun housing. The hand-held cleaning head can be used to safely direct laser energy to a surface to be cleaned; the laser beam ablates from the surface coatings, corrosion, and the like without harming the substrate.

    The Air-cooled Laser Cleaning Resonator and portable Hand-Held Cleaning Head are cooled by the environmental air with fans and or cooling fins.

    The Water-cooled Laser Cleaner is cooled by a chiller or condenser, via tubes to the laser resonator and the cleaning head.

    Air-cooled Lasers:

    • Smaller operations
    • Compact and portable
    • Less cost but higher maintenance
    • No dust protection

    Water-cooled Lasers:

    • Industrial medium and large operations.
    • High energy efficiency.
    • Constant performance is achievable, independently of the ambient temperature.
    • Higher initial cost
    • Low maintenance
    • IP62 Ingress Protection

    Rather than specify a comparison list, we recommend researching the features and benefits of our Narran Rod Range of Laser Cleaners, some competitors may have some features and some may not.


    IPG German Laser Source with Inbuilt Italian Freon Chillers, alarms and temperature controls

    Narran Lasers with dust protection IP62 Ingress


    Single Transportable Unit with a smaller footprint, less cumbersome than separate chillers and cables.

    (Normally separate chillers are larger units due to the requirements of large water tanks for circulation cooling only. Lower-quality builds with no alarms and Non-refrigerant cooling.

    Due to the unique technology of Narran Australia and CZ manufacturing, we have enabled our smaller-size chillers to accommodate our mid-range of Water Cooled ROD 200 and ROD 300 Laser machines, both of these models have not been replicated by other suppliers. The ROD 200 is a world-first water-cooled 200-watt.

    The Australian mining and industrial applications can be quite demanding environments, the technology of Narran Australia and CZ manufacturing enable dust protection to IP62 Ingress protection to provide lower maintenance.

    Alarms and Temperature control needs to be inbuilt and adjustable to allow different climates, applications and long operational shifts.

    Narran Australia is the Australian & New Zealand exclusive partnership with Narran Precision Laser Cleaning Machines for Industrial Corrosion Cleaning and Restoration Applications. Australian & New Zealand Climatised Water Cooled Laser Cleaners

    Narran Australia