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Steel Surface Preparation-Corrosion Removal

    SA2.5 Standards Surface Preparation

    Steel Surface Preparation-Corrosion Removal

    What is surface preparation treatment?

    The standards of steel and ore surface preparation are the preparation of a surface through a treatment. The reason for the surface to be prepared is to increase the adhesion capability of coatings and paints.

    Industry professionals say that the most crucial factor, which influences the long-term performance of coatings is the quality of the surface preparation of the steel. Traditionally this was achieved chemically or mechanically, but an emerging modern-day approach is to treat surfaces with laser technology.

    Blasting techniques in steel fabrication and ship building and rail repair have been developed for surface preparation of steel to a standard equivalent to SA2.5 as defined by ISO Standard 8501. The usage of consumables, such as abrasive materials, air, and water, constitutes a recurring cost in these processes. When sandblasting works are carried out in the open space, such as during dry-docking, abrasive sandblasting generates much dust which in turn pollutes the environment with consequential social and economic costs. Narran Laser blasting or laser cleaning, which has now been introduced commercially in Steel fabrication, Bridge Infrastructure maintenance, and shipbuilding repairs offers an alternative for green manufacturing and green maintenance. Narran Precision Lasers have significant advantages on these issues over conventional blasting techniques. Narran Laser Cleaning is a well-controlled process with unique properties, such as precise treatment, high selectivity, and high flexibility. A cleaning method using a high-power laser cleaner is now developed for the surface preparation of steel. Narran Australia has the advantages of a compact system, automation capability, and low maintenance cost.

    Reports indicate the laser cleaning results using a 500W -1000w pulsed high-power laser cleaning can meet the SA 2.5 requirements of blast cleaning as described in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 8501.

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