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NDT-Laser Pre-cleaning Corrosion

    Traditional methods of inspecting stress points in welded joints of rail, mining, and bridge equipment often involve using abrasives or blasting. This method poses a problem because it can change the shape of the metal surfaces. When this occurs, inspectors have a hard time figuring out if the changes happened as a result of the testing process or because of a stress defect.

    Our laser technology allows for PRE-CLEANING CORROSION Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to occur with the best inspection results possible. Inspect stress points of pipes, rails, and even turbines without altering the substrate’s surface and exposing bare metals without abrasives. Laser cleaning also makes it easier to see cracks from stress defects missed due to surface changes created by blasting.

    Laser ablation:

    • Does not drive debris into cracks or fold metal over small indications
    • Quickly de-paints / cleans welds to expose fine cracks and signs better than any other method
    • Eliminates blasting grit clean-up time and expense
    • Enables inspectors to strictly follow the laser cleaning process and inspect welds as the work is being done.

    Narran Australia