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Laser Mold Cleaning Manufacturing Applications Narran Laser Cleaning


    Regardless of your industry, laser ablation can provide a safe and effective cleaning option for molds/tools. Whereas conventional methods such as dry ice blasting or abrasives can damage molds over time and threaten parts consistency, laser cleaning has the potential to clean in a fraction of the time without threatening any of the unique features of the tooling.

    Laser cleaning for molds covers a wide array of applications, including dies, tire molds, baking molds, injection molds, and more. Our Narran Rod solutions also allow you to clean molds without needing to dismantle the setup and move to an additional area. In certain circumstances our cleaning systems can even get the job done at the mold’s operating temperatures, so there is no need for a cool-down period after cleaning has been completed — minimizing downtime.

    Whether you need handheld precision to target complex parts or you need to integrate an automated cleaning system into your operations, our Narran Lasers can offer solutions for your mold and tooling machinery.



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